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    Michael Neuhoff

    Prescott Valley Pet Clinic
    Prescott Valley, AZ

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    Loretta Carrico

    Animal Medical of Chesapeake
    Chesapeake, VA

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    Janine Kakoyannis

    Advanced Veterinary Specialists
    Santa Barbara, CA

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  • Ben Spinks

    RE: Cell Phones

    Posted in: Open Forum

    This is also an issue at our practice. We have had a fair amount of success asking everyone to place their mobile phone in a central location while...

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  • photo not available

    RE:Cell Phones

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi!!! This is to crazy! I just had a staff meeting about the cell phone problem! It is such a distraction and affects client service. I dont know...

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  • Lisa Gruhlke

    Employee Moving To Omaha

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I have an assistant who is moving to Omaha and is looking for a position. She is not a CVT but has all of the skills and is one of those people who...

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  • Lisa Gruhlke

    RE:ProSal with Negative accrual

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Because our doctors always make their base for the year, they are always paid their production for the month. The only time that isn't the case is...

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