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    Debbie Hill

    Pet Care Hospital
    Pensacola, FL

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    Damien Ivory

    Perrin-410 Animal Hospital
    San Antonio, TX

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    Kristy Rice

    The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
    Berryville, AR

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  • Ryan DesJardins

    RE: Health Insurance

    Posted in: Open Forum

    You might contact other managers in your area (veterinary or other small businesses) and see if they have a relationship with a local insurance broker...

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  • photo not available

    Health Insurance

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We are a small practice (2 FTE Veterinarians) and have been looking into offering health insurance for our employees. Do any of you have any guidance...

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  • Vedrana Gjivoje

    Pet Partner Mobile App - Thoughts?

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi Everyone - wondering if anyone has any experience with the Pet Partner Mobile App? If so, what service did you use before and what do you like...

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  • Debbie Hill

    RE: SPHR Certification

    Posted in: Open Forum

    For the original PHR, I used a exam prep course at the local college and found it very useful for pushing me through the information. For the SPHR,...

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