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    Michael Neuhoff

    Prescott Valley Pet Clinic
    Prescott Valley, AZ

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    Gary Espinoza

    Seville Veterinary
    Mesa, AZ

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    Rebecca King

    Easton Animal Hospital
    Columbus, OH

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    RE: *Info Overload?* Puppy/Kitten Kits

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We used to include 8 brochures on vaccines, lyme disease, different flea products, insurance, microchips, and toxins. It was just too much. I chose...

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    RE: Police Departments

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We give them a serious discount, show that discount on the invoice so some police bean counter can show his/her boss that they're doing a good job by...

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  • Ben Spinks

    RE: Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Carol, We recently implemented quarterly engagement surveys at our practice. We based the questions off one of the templates available via SurveyMonkey...

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  • Ben Spinks

    RE: Hospitality Station /Coffee Bar

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We have had the same experience as Kristy. As far as I know we have never had any issues with clients getting burnt by hot beverages. In addition to...

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