Our Mission and Values

Core Purpose

Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

To advance and support veterinary management professionals.

Core Functions

Guiding Principles

  1. Develop professional competence by offering relevant educational resources.

  2. Promote and define veterinary practice management as a profession; promote certification as a standard.

  3. Provide individuals with a network for professional connection and support.

Core Values


Evidenced in an earned reputation for trustworthiness that inspires respect and commitment.


Evidenced in a passion for excellence and a dedication to empowering managers to achieve their full potential, to positively impact their practice.


Evidenced in unparalleled education, fueled by pioneering ideas that advance learning and development.


Evidenced in a culture that values diversity in perspective, encourages connection, and facilitates cooperative action to accomplish common goals.

Our Mission

The mission of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association is to enhance and serve veterinary management professionals, through superior education, certification and networking.


VHMA Life is... members committed to professional growth and excellence, enthusiastic about supporting colleagues, grateful for the encouragement and guidance provided by peers and dedicated to advocating for the profession.