Preparing for the Examination

CVPM the Examination

Prepare for the examination by choosing the study method that best suits your schedule and learning style-group study or independent study. A community discussion area has been set up in VHMA MemberConnect to help candidates connect with each other and to facilitate the formation study groups. You must be a VHMA member to access VHMA MemberConnect.

A free Study Guide and Recommended Reading List is available. The Study Guide and Recommended Reading List includes the Test Blueprint and Job Task Analysis Outline which provide the most detail available on the examination's content (get the current Study Guide and Recommended Reading List from the CVPM Documents and Resources page).

A CVPM Preparation Workbook is also available to candidates. The CVPM Preparation Workbook this organizational tool is designed to help candidates smoothly navigate the application process and prepare for the examination independently.

The VHMA offers a Test Preparation Program which supports learning through an organized and facilitated study group. The program is indispensable to veterinary practice managers preparing for the CVPM examination, new managers looking for a comprehensive introduction to management concepts, as well as experienced managers interested in a thorough review and update of management principles. Link for more information about the VHMA's Test Preparation Program.

These resources and tools have been prepared for informational purposes only. They are not required and are not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. The use of these resources does not guarantee that you will pass the CVPM examination. Please note, the Certification Board does not promote or endorse any one preparation courses/programs.

Day of the Examination

The electronic examination is offered through High-stake Online Secure Testing (HOST) Locations throughout North America.

Upon entering the testing center candidates will be required to provide a copy of their examination registration confirmation, as well as a valid photo IDs (a valid state license should be one of them) as proof of your identity.

Candidates ARE ALLOWED to have the following items during the examination process:

  1. one blank letter-sized page note paper (provided by the proctor)
  2. one number two pencil or pen (provided by the proctor)
  3. one simple, stand-alone, four-function calculator*

*Please note, some HOST Locations may provide an on-screen calculator (check with your test center to confirm availability) – candidates who wish to have one available for their use may bring an approved calculator. The calculator must be a simple, stand-alone, four-function calculator. Candidates may not use a calculator which is a part of another electronic device.

Notes, books, bags, cell phones, PDAs, smart phones, beepers, other electronic devices or caps are NOT ALLOWED. Candidates will need to surrender these items upon entering the HOST Location and may retrieve these at the conclusion of the examination and exit from the test center.

The proctor will examine your eye glasses if you are wearing them or intend to wear them - please have them ready for inspection. They will also ask you to empty your pockets for inspection.

The HOST Location will determine if a candidate who arrives late for the examination will be allowed to enter the center to take the examination. No extension of time will be provided. The candidate must complete the examination within the original time slot allotted.

Candidates are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled examination time.

Prior to taking the examination candidates will be required to acknowledge and agree to our Examination Security Policy. Any breach of confidentiality that may compromise the security of the examination content will be grounds for disciplinary action, including but not limited to denial or revocation of certification by the Certification Board. Candidates should review the Examination Security Policy in advance of their scheduled examination date so they are familiar with the terms.

Examination ADA Compliance

The Certification Board supports the intent of and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Certification Board will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that its certification program is accessible to persons with disabilities covered by the ADA. Appropriate and effective modifications and/or auxiliary aids will be provided to persons with such disabilities unless doing so would impose an undue burden on CVPM’s programs or fundamentally alter the measurement of skills or knowledge that the programs are intended to test.

If you require special accommodations in order to sit for the examination, you must request and document your need when you submit your application. You and your qualified healthcare provider will need to complete the required forms to document the disability and the need for accommodation. 

CVPM Appeals Process

A program candidate may appeal in writing to Certification Board for review of the final determination of non-eligibility or non-admittance to the program, for review of final examination scores or for a hearing on any other complaint pertaining to the Certification Board's final actions. The procedures for a program candidate/certified professional's appeal are as outlined below.

A decision affirming an action or determination of the Certification Board adverse to a program candidate shall be by a three-fifths vote. The decision of the Certification Board shall be final in the matter under consideration.

Application/Renewal Grievance

This policy affords program candidates and certified professionals an opportunity to appeal a decision by the Certification Board if an application is denied or if a re-credential application is denied.

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  1. The program candidate/certified professional is informed in writing of his or her denied application within 60 days of submittal. Notification of denial must state the reason for the denial or request for additional documentation required to complete the application, stating to the individual the reason that such information is necessary.
  2. The program candidate/certified professional has 60 days to resubmit requested materials.
  3. Upon receipt, the application is reviewed for completeness and accuracy. If the application is again denied, another notice is mailed to the program candidate/certified professional stating the reason for the denial or request for additional documentation, stating to the individual the reason that such information is necessary.  This time a 30-day time frame for resubmittal is allowed.
  4. Upon receipt of newly-submitted materials, the application is again reviewed and if determined incomplete, program candidate/certified professional is asked to resubmit the application in full, with all elements complete.
  5. Process continues until program candidate/certified professional is able to complete all the required portions of the application to the satisfaction of the Certification Board.

Examination Appeals Process

The appeals process is made available to all program candidates who, upon receipt of their exam results, choose to contest these results.

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Appeals must be made in writing to the Certification Board using the online Examination Appeal Request Form. Only the candidate may request an appeal. The candidate must submit the completed Examination Appeal Request Form within 30 days of receiving examination results. Upon receipt of the written request for appeal, the candidate’s examination will be reviewed. The candidate will be notified in writing within 60 days of the results of the review. The appeal decision is final, and no further appeal exists beyond this point. If a candidate does not successfully pass the examination after the appeals process is complete, they can apply to retake the examination before their application expires; additional fees are required.

Examinations are computer-based and electronically scored. Extensive and rigorous quality control procedures are employed to ensure the accuracy of results. A review will confirm items were scored according to their pre-designated correct responses and total scores accurately reflect the pass/fail outcome awarded. The review is not an evaluation of the exam content, what the correct answer should be, the acceptability of testing conditions, or a reconsideration of the passing standard.

Candidates submitting an appeal to examination results based on the following will be considered ineligible:

•    Testing errors on the part of the candidate (i.e., failing to respond to all of the questions)
•    Test anxiety
•    Late arrival for the testing appointment
•    Failure to follow examination instructions as provided

Link to the Examination Appeal Request Form