Live-Chat Discussions

Live-Chat Discussions

VHMA is pleased to announce our upcoming schedule of informal Live-Chats. VHMA Live-Chats are a free benefit of membership. Live-Chat Discussions are informal educational events offered to expand opportunities for members to connect, network, and learn from one another in a peer-to-peer environment on one specific topic at a time.

Via the Live-Chat community, members can choose to participate in scheduled Live-Chat Discussion events. Participating members will be subscribed to the community in real-time (meaning that you receive comments in your inbox immediately as they happen). There will not be video associated with these events, they happen entirely within a MemberConnect discussion. Members can participate in the discussion by posting directly on the VHMA MemberConnect website or by sending posts through email or the mobile app.

If you sign up once, you will automatically be able to participate in real-time in all future Live-Chats (you don't need to sign up for each event). If you want to remove yourself from participating in Live-Chats at any time, please update your email subscription to the Live-Chat community in your profile. You can turn back on real-time notifications in your profile whenever you want to actively participate again.

Due to the informal nature of these events, they will not be applicable for CE. 

To ensure the best possible experience for all attendees, we have established basic rules for event participation. The goal is to preserve a climate that encourages civil and professional dialogue. VHMA reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to VHMA events for anyone who violates these rules.

Apply here to volunteer to be a moderator for a Live-Chat Discussion.